About Synergy Wellness


Synergy Wellness is dedicated to providing a multitude of services to meet the medical needs of Huntsville, AL and the surrounding community. We strive to treat our patients with compassion, partnering with them in the pursuit of integrative wellbeing. Our greatest aim is to enrich the life of every individual that walks in our door.

Synergy Wellness is a primary care clinic that serves to meet all of your general health care needs. We provide care for adults or children aged 2 and older. 

We provide the following primary care services by appointment only:


  • Same-day sick visits 
  • Preventative wellness care
  • Medication management for appropriate prescriptions
  • Physical examinations for employment or sports team requirements
  • Blood draws with appropriate lab orders to be sent to a high complexity lab
  • Referrals to specialty physicians 
  • Management for patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure 

When you arrive for your appointment, please bring your ID, insurance, an appropriate method of payment (cash, debit card, and credit cards accepted) , and a list of all current medications and supplements.