COVID Update for Huntsville, AL

Good news and bad news on the COVID front.  The good news is that the data from CDC suggest the Huntsville area may be peaking in terms of infection rates.  The bad news is that hospitalization rates will keep climbing for the next few weeks as some of those testing positive may deteriorate during the second week of infection and thus require hospitalization.  What we know of the Omicron infection is this:

  1. Omicron/COVID infection has peaked
  2. The fall in infections will probably be almost as fast as the rise
  3. Hospitalization rates will rise, and usually lags by 2 weeks of infection
  4. Hospitalized patients are generally less sick than the previous Delta Surge
  5. Hospitalized patients tend to be
    1. younger with Omicron
    2. more breakthroughs
    3. more co-morbidities (ie. Omicron infection may be pushing those chronically ill with multiple medical problems “over the edge”)
    4. less need for ventilators
    5. fewer deaths overall
    6. the jury is still out on whether Omicron is less virulent in the UNvaccinated
  6. Boosters work to prevent Omicron infections and hospitalizations

Synergy Wellness has over the last few weeks tested thousands of Alabamans for COVID-19 and administered precious monoclonals to our most at-risk population.  But as more and more people test positive, we as a community are faced with an unpalatable situation of limited quantities of effective therapeutics.  Synergy Wellness providers will make every attempt to make sure all our patients are appropriately treated.  So, if you test positive, please contact us for a virtual appointment to go over your medical history and eligibility for our limited quantity of monoclonal antibodies and/or prescription for oral antivirals.

Our dedicated number for those testing positive for COVID-19 and needs an appointment is: 938-200-3252

But as infections still rage on, the CDC has attempted to minimize the disruption to the economy from overwhelming COVID infections by loosening the return-to-work criteria to 5 days and removing testing as a requirement.  One very important caveat to this is the recognition that one can still be infectious from days 6-10 of infection.  Therefore, Synergy Wellness strongly recommends wearing a well-fitting mask (preferably N95 or surgical) when around others.  And if you choose to test yourself to make sure you’re not infectious to others, the rapid antigen test is the most appropriate.  The PCR tests are simply too sensitive and will pick up even dead viruses.  But if in doubt, a Synergy Wellness provider can give guidance.  Synergy Wellness has a full suite of COVID-19 tests for this purpose, including rapid rtPCR for travel.  Our new state-of-the-art rapid rtPCR platform not only gives you results in less than 40 minutes, but it can also diagnose influenza and RSV, which are also circulating this winter along with COVID-19.

Once again, Synergy Wellness is also prepared to also keep you Well.  Please inquire about our suite of nutraceuticals and IV infusions, which includes our PostCovid antioxidant support to help you recover from the stress of infections.

And on the mental health front, we offer the only Ketamine infusion clinic for depression, PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain.  Recent studies also show that Ketamine may improve your odds of beating addiction to alcohol and opiates as well. Furthermore, we will soon add state-of-the-art TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) for treatment-resistant depression and OCD to keep you healthy and feeling good.