COVID19 Update

COVID is once again raging across our community.  The Omicron variant of COVID-19 may be responsible for the “fastest spread of any infectious agent…EVER”.  Synergy Wellness stands ever ready in our collective fight against COVID and to safeguard your health and wellness.

Synergy Wellness has been at the forefront of testing and treatment of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.  With this surge, Synergy has increased access to testing by:

  1. Expanding office locations, staff, and hours.  Our newest location, MidCity (4820 University Drive, suite 35) is centrally located and has plenty of parking space.  Please check our website or social media for hours of operation for all our 3 locations.  Please forgive us for any hiccups given the volume of work during this surge.
  2. Robust stock of testing supplies that include rapid antigen, molecular NAAT (nucleic acid amplification tests), and true PCR (both rapid and send out).
  3. A new rapid rtPCR test platform that fulfills the most stringent traveling and diagnostic requirements and gives you results in 36 minutes.  The accuracy is similar to send-out PCR tests.
  4. All rapid test results are available the same day, usually within hours of your visit.  Results of send-out tests may take 1-3 days.

Not only does Synergy Wellness diagnose COVID, but we offer treatment as well.  We are proud to have infused more than 3000 doses of the life-saving monoclonal antibody therapy to date.  Synergy has been one of the largest providers of monoclonal antibodies in Alabama.  We are striving to obtain more of the monoclonal antibody, sotrovimab, that is effective against Omicron.  But due to the limited supply, we can only offer Sotrovimab to the highest risk patients such as pregnant women and transplant recipients.  We are continuously receiving an allocation from Alabama Department of Health every week.  So please call ahead to see if you qualify for treatment.

Our newest weapon against COVID is the new antiviral pills Paxlovid and molnupirivir, both of which has recently been granted FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization.  They are now distributed by the State of Alabama to certain pharmacies in very limited quantities.  If you test positive for COVID, please contact your physician or a Synergy Wellness provider to see if you qualify for the antiviral medications.  Again, due to the limited supply, only the highest risk individuals will qualify until the supply increases.

Synergy Wellness wouldn’t live up to our name if we didn’t keep you healthy and well.  The pandemic has taken a toll on our collective bodies and minds.  Unfortunately, there will be many of us that will suffer from “long Covid”, and mental health issues for years to come.  Synergy Wellness wants to help.

Synergy Wellness providers offers Walk-in clinic to address your immediate health needs.  But unlike other physician offices, we also offer cutting edge treatment above and beyond traditional office-based medicine.

Synergy offers a line of nutriceutical IV infusions as well as supplements which may help with fatigue or recovery.  Depletion of antioxidants like glutathione has been implicated in COVID infections.  So, glutathione IV maybe a treatment that a Synergy provider may suggest.  And those physically and/or mentally active, IV infusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids may help with recovery.

On the mental health front, Synergy offers the only Ketamine IV infusion treatment in Huntsville for depression, PTSD, and chronic pain.  We have seen rapid improvements in our patients’ depressive moods that are not achievable with medications alone.   Furthermore, in February, we will deploy a state-of-the-art device utilizing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for treatment-resistant depression.  These modalities maybe life-changing for those suffering from depression, PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain.

As we navigate this latest surge, Synergy Wellness is prepared to keep you well–today and tomorrow.

Stay Safe and Well,

Synergy Wellness Team