Ketamine Infusion Treatment

Ketamine infusion treatment for severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD in the Huntsville, AL surrounding area.

For many sufferers of depression and anxiety, treatment can feel like a never-ending cycle of struggle and setbacks.

Ketamine, while long used by physicians as a sedative and pain treatment, is just now entering the clinical field for treatment of depression and anxiety, and has shown real efficacy in succeeding where daily medications have failed. Rather than taking weeks of daily doses to see results, you will feel the effects of Ketamine the moment you leave the clinic.

How It Works

Administered directly by one of our founders and physicians, patients will first complete an assessment determining the severity and extent of depressive symptoms. We will use this to establish a baseline, and assess the progress of our patients over consecutive treatments. Treatment is delivered intravenously in a private room, and patients will be monitored for around 1 hour. 

Why Ketamine

Researchers have shown that Ketamine, in sharp contrast to daily antidepressants, alleviates the symptoms of depression in a matter of hours. There is evidence suggesting that Ketamine actually creates new synapses in the brain, in essence, re-writing decades of destructive patterns and habits that result from anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Ketamine may also be effective in reducing chronic pain, and cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Ketamine Infusions In The Office

Most patients are referred to our clinic. If a referral was not conducted, the patient must undergo a thorough evaluation in order to determine a baseline condition and confirm if ketamine infusions are necessary and indicated.

Six infusions are performed over the course of several weeks. The patient will feel immediate relief, but maximum relief is typically experienced after six treatments. Each infusion takes place over one to two hours and includes the careful supervision of a ketamine infusion certified physician.

Ketamine FAQ

  1. How many treatments are required? Results vary per person. Typically, six infusions are given over the span of fourteen weeks and then followed by yearly maintenance infusions. 
  2. Why is ketamine given intravenously? Ketamine is given intravenously in order to improve the drug’s ability to produce the desired result. Ketamine works faster and to a greater extent when given intravenously.
  3. Why isn’t ketamine FDA approved specifically for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and PTSD? A form of ketamine, esketamine (Spravato), has been FDA approved for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Because ketamine was previously approved as an anesthetic, it is unlikely to receive a secondary approval. Research strongly supports the use of ketamine as a treatment for depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The dosage for ketamine as an anesthetic is much greater than for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Thus, the safety of this drug is assured.

Consistent Care

The Synergy Wellness team is committed to improving your mental well-being. We will provide you with materials to track and assess the improvement of your symptoms in between Ketamine infusions, and will adjust your personal wellness journey accordingly.