Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

During this holiday season, the team at Synergy Wellness would like to express our gratitude to our patients who trust us with their medical care.

Even though things are feeling as if they are returning to normal, we don’t think the pandemic is over yet.  Judging from the recent uptick of cases in Europe and in other parts of the continental US, we may see a higher number of COVID infections after Thanksgiving.  We now also have the Omicron variant which may pose a challenge to our vaccines and treatments.  Further complicating matters, typical seasonal viruses such as the flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) complicate diagnosis and treatment.

With that in mind, coming December, Synergy Wellness will deploy a state-of-the-art rapid rt-PCR test that can diagnose in 40 minutes the four common viruses that may plague us coming into the winter season: COVID-19 (all variants including Omicron), flu A, flu B, and RSV.  This new test will allow rapid diagnosis for you and your family if anyone comes down with cold-like symptoms.  The PCR platform also qualifies for international travel to almost any country since it’s a true rt-PCR, a test with the highest accuracy compared to other tests such as the antigen and is often required by airlines and destination countries.

The rapidity and accuracy of our diagnostic tests will allow for the immediate initiation of treatment on site at Synergy with the life-saving monoclonal antibodies, such as the Regen-Cov and Sotrovimab, if COVID is diagnosed.

We at Synergy Wellness are proud to have provided thousands of doses of the life-saving therapy to our patients since the beginning of this year.  And soon we’ll also have oral anti-viral medications from Merck and Pfizer as soon as they are approved by the FDA and distributed by the State of Alabama.  With both types of therapy, Synergy Wellness is well positioned to take care of Huntsville this coming holiday season and beyond.

Let’s all enjoy this holiday season–safely.  Here’s some tips from the CDC: