Synergy Wellness | Huntsville Emsculpt 

Synergy Wellness | Huntsville Emsculpt 


Synergy Wellness is here to help you reach all your wellness goals.


With a focus on holistic wellness, Synergy Wellness is the first clinic in search of happiness. The team behind this Emergency Room discovered they were missing something when outbreaks became more prevalent than ever before during COVID 19 pandemic – so instead turning their attention solely towards helping patients get better or die trying with rapid antibody tests available one day after start date–the doctors saved thousands from death by severe virus reactions! Board certified physicians also perform ketamine infusion treatments & walkin services which have helped countless people find relief where traditional medicine fails them. 


Areas of Focus


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive wellness experience that will help reach your goals, then come see us at Synergy Wellness. We have a walk in clinic with well equipped staff and lab testing done on site as well!


  • Walk-In Clinic 
  • Ketamine Infusions
  • IV Infusions 


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Synergy Wellness 

4820 University Drive Suite 35

Huntsville, AL 35816