Synergy Wellness now offers ALL modalities to fight COVID-19 from Testing, Prevention, Therapeutics, to Long-COVID treatments

As the pandemic is hopefully winding down to the “endemic phase”, Synergy Wellness is now equipped to treat and prevent all facets of COVID-19.

We now have in our armamentarium Evusheld, a new monoclonal antibody that prevents COVID-19 infections in high-risk populations who cannot mount sufficient immunity by vaccination or infection.  It’s an injection that offers protection up to 6 months, possibly up to a year from future COVID infections.  Please call Synergy Wellness if you or any of your loved ones may benefit from Evusheld’s protection.  But let’s not forget vaccinations are still your best way to avoid COVID.  Synergy offers Moderna vaccines by appointment.

For those unfortunately infected with COVID, we now also offer Remdesivir, an IV drug that prevents death and hospitalization if given early that reduced hospitalization and death by 87%.  Synergy Wellness is one of a few providers that is offering this life-saving therapy in Huntsville.  Remdesivir is a once-a-day outpatient IV infusion for 3 days.  Remdesivir is invaluable now given the scarcity of the only monoclonal antibody treatment Sotrovimab and of the oral antivirals, which are effective against Omicron.  Here at Synergy Wellness, we have been allocated Sotrovimab by the State of Alabama as result of our work against COVID during the pandemic.  Synergy will also be offering a new monoclonal antibody therapy just approved by the FDA, Bebtelovimab that works against all variants.

Hopefully the therapies for the Omicron variant will soon be widely available.  But until then, Synergy Wellness offers you all the cutting-edge options that are currently available against COVID-19 and all its variants.

As for testing, Synergy offers the latest rapid PCR technology with results within 1 hour.  Our rapid PCR platform can identify not only COVID, but also RSV and influenza A and B.  The rapid PCR satisfies all airline requirements.

For those suffering from Long Covid, Synergy wants to help.  We currently offer nutraceutical and antioxidant support, via IV infusions or oral supplements.  Synergy Wellness aims to rebuild your immune system, decrease inflammation, and increase your energy levels.  For those suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD or addiction, Synergy Wellness offers Ketamine IV treatments as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  These are the cutting-edge therapies Synergy can offer for your physical and mental well-being—now and beyond the pandemic.

Your Synergy Wellness Team

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