What Is The Best Wellness Company In AL?

Synergy Wellness Is Alabama’s Best Wellness Company.

Synergy Wellness was founded by emergency physicians who recognized the importance of holistic, natural medicine to improve health and happiness. The company began as a clinic devoted only in pursuit for wellness but soon pivoted during COVID-19 pandemic years when they started offering rapid antibody testing. This allowed them provide critical care right away while ensuring patients got vaccinated quickly enough before other hospitals couldn’t keep up anymore due their lack precautions during such outbreaks. While some may be struggling to adjust, others are finding new ways of thriving. With the recent changes in our lives coming from a time without virus immunity and now having longer term effects on health that last for years after recovery (depression/anxiety), it is important we find happiness within ourselves during this challenging period; Synergy Wellness strives towards helping their clients stay healthy by providing services like therapy aimed at strengthening mental wellness so people can better survive what feels like an inevitable outcome- death!

What sets Synergy Wellness Apart?

  • (No Wait) Waiting Room
  • Friendly, Patient-Focused Staff
  • Initial Lab Testing Done On-Site
  • Payment Plans
  • COVID-19 Resources: Testing for Travel, Antibody Infusions, Rapid Tests, PCR Tests

IV Infusion Synergy Wellness


Synergy Wellness offers the following wellness services at a location near you.

  • Alabama Ketamine Infusions
  • Alabama IV Infusions/ Nutriceuticals
  • Alabama Walk-In Clinic

Business Contact Information

Website: https://synergywellnessal.com/#

Jones Valley
7105B Bailey Creek Circle
Huntsville, AL 35802

Monday – Friday

4820 University Drive Suite 35
Huntsville, AL 35816

Monday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

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After Hours:

Humans are not designed to deal with the stress of an unprecedented pandemic. But there is hope: Huntsville Wellness wants you stay healthy during this time by helping yourself transition away from old habits towards healthier ones through exercise programs tailored specifically for each client depending upon what they need most at that moment.

Testimonials are available on our website, but if you prefer to read more reviews, you can read previous clients that utilized Synergy Wellness here.